Saturday, April 11, 2015

Gender Reveal

As usual like we did with Sloane, Collins, and Knox we went to Peek a Belly in Lockport to find out the gender as early as we could at 15 weeks :) But before we tell you what baby Mitchell 4.0 is here are the wives tales and what we thought all along...

Heart Rate High 160's- GIRL
Chinese gender Calender- GIRL
Craving sweets sweets sweets-GIRL
Stealing mom's beauty (my face has been a hot mess)-GIRL
Gender Dreams-GIRL
Emotional Wreck (always ha)-GIRL
Carrying high (however that has to do with cerclage)-GIRL
Mayan Calendar-BOY

Marty and I said from the beginning that this little one was a girl and by all these wives tales it seemed as if we were correct! 

Well truth be told its a...BOY!! God has granted us with another little boy :) We are thrilled to be adding another little boy to the family and cannot wait until July when he arrives. Its only perfect that Collins has Sloane as her guardian angel and this little guy will have Knox as his :)

Collins was a little less than thrilled...I think she wanted a sister :)

Flexing and showing off

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