Thursday, September 5, 2013

4 month update

Age: 4 months
Stats: 12lbs 13oz (34th percentile), 24 inches (42nd percentile)
Clothes: Finally out grew size newborn and is wearing  0-3month clothes best. However her pj's range from 3 months to 6 months fitting loose.
Favorite Activities: Just recently loves playing in her jumper and grabbing at all the toys. Loves swinging in her mamaRoo. 4moms This summer she enjoyed swimming and definitely be outdoors. Of course loves bath time, and sitting up like a big girl 24/7
Favorite Words: Screaming! After finding her voice and babbling she has not picked up the cutest, tiniest little girls scream we have ever heard. She does this when she is super excited and happy.
Least Favorite Activities: I hate to even say this and jinx myself, but Collins goes with the flow and does just about everything :)
Mom's proudest moment: Hearing her giggle for the first time at me while playing and both of us being surprised at the giggle that came out.
Dad's proudest moment: Knowing she would roll over if he just kept trying, and sure enough rolled over for the first time under Daddy's watch.
Other milestones: Collins not only has found her cute little voice, she has rolled over (once) (and we are still working at it again), she is cutting a tooth! Yes at 4 months she is getting her first little tooth front bottom. She has also graduated from her rock n play at night to sleeping in her pack n play still next to mommy. I know it's crib time however I cant let her be alone in her room just yet, so the pack n play is just like a crib just closer to me :) baby steps...for me!
Fall is right around the corner and my little 4 month old and I have already started decorating. Yes we have pumpkins already around the house and yes Collins is ready to put on her jeans and a cable knit sweater.