Monday, May 11, 2015

29 week update & Mother's Day

We had an appointment with Dr. Font for a usual checkup. It was the first appointment since being told I have gestational diabetes. It was not a normal day because my appointment was later at 10:45am and I figured I'd be waiting all day however that wasn't the case. I walked it and was the only one in the waiting room and got called back immediately! As soon as he walked in it was all business, what we're you're fasting numbers this morning, what were your numbers last night. Granted he had a copy of the past week in a half of numbers however he apparently wanted to hear it from me. Shoot I thought I was doing good however he was seeing otherwise. I hadn't gained a pound since the last time I had saw him and he is concerned that I am starving myself in order to maintain my blood sugar numbers. Partly true, I'm not starving myself but I could definitely eat more if I wasn't so concerned about my numbers. So now we are in talks of being put on insulin. He's giving me one week to see how I do and then he will make the decision ultimately. So that will include more needles as if I need anymore. Baby is definitely still breech and is measuring 1 week ahead on head, femur, and belly and weighing approximately 3lbs 1oz. At this time exactly Collins was 3lbs 8oz so they seem to be pretty close!

For Mother's Day we took my mom with us to Peek a belly to take a look at the baby in 3d just like we did with Collins at 29 weeks. He was not having it. He is frank breech just like Collins was so his legs are up by his face and he wouldn't put his hands down for nothing. I jumped I jiggled I shaked I ate chocolate I pushed him. Ha. He ended up putting his hands down for a hot minute to give us a few good photos and by the looks of it I'm getting another baby Mitchell :) and I wouldn't change it for the world. He has his daddy's chin and his sisters nose and cheeks. 

Collins on the left, baby boy on the right 

Collins on the left, baby boy on the right 

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Collins surprised me with beautiful flowers and a shopping spree :) she's so sweet. We had breakfast after our appointment with the family and then spent the rest of the day shopping and eating! Lol. It was a great day spent with my little girl. We hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

We meet again gestational diabetes

As if it came as a surprise I failed my 3 hour glucose test once again. I was actually kind of optimistic about this one though. Thought maybe because it's a boy I won't have it. I also thought I would be able to do the 2 hour food test that I had done at 8 weeks. Dr. Khater had other plans. So back to drinking that ridiculous drink and blood draw every hour for 3 hours. It was lovely. The office called me three days later and might I add Collins answered the phone and talked to the nurse for a good minute before I realized she was actually on the phone with someone. The inevitable was answered you failed but not too bad. Oh thanks. So I have to meet once again with the diabetes center and meet with a dietician and a RN to go over my new diet and how to work my machine to test my blood. I've already seen the RN and got my super cool machine to give me my blood sugar numbers :/

I have to test right when I wake up and that number has to be below 90. I then test 1 hour after breakfast, lunch, and dinner and those numbers need to be below 140. I didn't realize that they would make me test in front of them to make sure I knew how to use the machine so on my way I ate a chocolate donut and had a chai tea. Smart. I failed. But only by 1 point so she didn't question it.k To my defense it was an 8am appointment and Collins and I were rushing so breakfast was on the run. I meet with the dietician on Wednesday. Which I've already done this with Collins so I kind of have a pretty good idea of how to keep my numbers at bay. I've been testing for two days now and my numbers are not high whatsoever. If not below they are only higher by a few points. So far so good. Still sucks having to deal with more needles and not to mention I bleed longer because of my blood thinner but I of course will and do whatever for my babies. 

I took a break while writing this to check my blood and hello 215! Guess a hashbrown, coffee, and chocolate milk for breakfast are no Bueno...

No baby pictures but how about my 2 year old Collins at her doctors appointment which she clocked in at 25 pounds and 36 inches of perfectness :)