Sunday, June 23, 2013

A day in the life of a Collins

I guess writing a blog a week like I used to is harder than I thought. I mean I'm not just laying in bed all day anymore so I'll cut myself some slack :) Collins is going to be 2 months on Saturday and it has flown by! I remember everyone saying enjoy all the little moments because before you know it she will be ten, or time flies by! And you will never fully understand those statements until it happens to you. 2 months old! Woah. Already! Why! STOP GROWING! I think I say that to her at least twice a day. Now I may be a little, a lot partial to Collins since she's my own however she is just the best baby in the entire world! Even when we are dealing with acid reflux (I'll get into that later) she is still smiling and having a good time. She surprises her father and I on a daily basis with her new faces, new coos, and her new thing, snuggling her face into her blanket or into mommy's chest.

At almost 2 months old Collins weighs 9lbs 2oz and is still exclusivley breast feeding. Like I mentioned before she has acid reflux since her two week appointment. After each feeding you better believe you will either have to change her clothes or your own. Spitting up what seems to be everything she just ate however the little girl is gaining weight like a champ so it's not worrysome. At 2 weeks we started her on Zantac. An antibiotic that is supposed to help with the discomfort she feels (having a tummy ache 24/7 would suck so I can imagine where all her grunts and moans were coming from). We had had her on this until about a week ago. We felt like it just wasn't working and her spitting up was getting even worse. So with a good friend of mine, we decided it was time to try another route, the holistic route! Marty and I figured it couldn't hurt and we didn't like giving her medication anyway. We started Collins on some probiotics to help with her digestive system and to help with the exsessive spitting up. We also got some colic tablets for when her little tummy just isnt feeling too well and hurting. The probiotics is in powder form and every morning when daddy gives her their morning ritual bottle we put 1/4 teaspoon in with it. We do that once a day and use the colic tablets (which we place in her mouth and allow them to dissolve) whenever necessary. Let me tell you, taking her off the Zantac and going the holistic route has actually made a difference. I won't lie, I have been skeptical about this alternative form of healing but after using it on Collins I'm hooked. Spitting up has been minimal and when she does spit up it isn't much. She still is gassy from time to time but we work that out together and get her tooting and pooping :). DISCLAIMER: This is just my opinion of course, I do not judge those who choose a different approach, I am a FTM and learning as I go :)

Collins' schedule is pretty laid back. I really let her decide when and what she wants to do. She is usually up for the day anywhere between 8am-9am depending on her night time schedule. We will do some tummy time and then nurse for her morning breakfast. Lately shes been playing a little more but usually after she eats it's right back to sleep, because eating is hard work :). We may have a play date, or an errand to run (usually Starbucks) in the morning, or go out for some shopping! During the day we are usually go, go, go and she likes being out. She eats right on schedule every 3 hours so if we are out we find a quiet place to nurse and then go about our activities. Once Marty gets home from work, Collins and I make sure if we aren't already home that we start ending our girl's day and head on home to see daddy. The 3 of us usually go for a walk around the nieghboorhood before dinner or sit outside and enjoy what has been nice weather! Collins has what we like to call "crabby time" from 6pm-9pm where she fights sleep and needs to be held. Anywhere from 9pm-10pm we start bath night. Every other night she gets a bath with soap and we wash her hair. The other nights it's just plain water. Then we do tummy time before we nurse for the last time before bedtime. She will go to sleep anywhere from 10pm-11pm. She sleeps in our room in her rock-n-play sleeper (which I might add is the best thing ever). It is in an incline which helps her reflux and she seems to enjoy it because she has slept in it more than when we put her in her swing or bassinet overnight.

                                                            Rock-n-Play Sleeper

She will then usually wake up anywhere from 1am-3am to nurse. Usually for about 20-40mins and then go back to sleep waking up again between 5am-7am. She is a really good sleeper for only being 2 months. I cannot complain!

So, there it is a day in the life of being Collins' mommy! We are enjoying ourselves to the fullest and soaking up every ounce of her. We have her next doctor's appointment on July 10th, which I am anxious to see what percentile she is in height and weight. So until after her appointment I'll hold you all over with some adorable photos of my sweet Collins.