Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What's in Collins Easter Basket?! & Fiesta

Collins' first Easter is in 1 week and if I told you that I started scoping out her basket and items to go inside months ago would you be surprised? Holidays are always fun but now that we have Collins it makes it that much more enjoyable. Does she need a bracelet no but its Easter why not!

I had my eye on this basket since Collins was born so as soon as I was given a coupon I scooped it up! The only difference is I choose a brown basket and her name is in purple :)


Filling up her basket wasn't hard at all. I knew a cute pair of Easter PJ's needed to be in there along with a few Easter books. Some of our favorites are, "Guess how much I love you," "The Tale of Peter Rabbit," and of course "The Velveteen Rabbit." I also included these practical impractical goodies for my little miss. Cannot wait to see her get excited about everything. Or just get excited to take everything out of the basket and then on to something else :)

I love me some Mexican food, and with Collins birthday so close to Cinco de Mayo I put two and two together and even before she was born I said to Marty we have to have her first birthday theme Fiesta! So here we are knee deep in party planning for Collins 1st fiesta!! We are having it as close as May 5th as possible so please pray for warm weather here, actually just pray its not snowing! With the help of etsy, and pinterest I have been planning this fiesta for months. Slowly but surely we have everything in place. Taco Truck is set to come for a few hours, my nacho bar will be in business, and as soon as the Margarita bar is in place it will be party time. And what is a party without a bounce house for the kids! Pictures to come: smash cake, piƱata, and donkey rides for everyone...kidding...maybe?! You'll have to wait and see!

Here are some of my inspirations to hold you over until then!

Fiesta like there's no Manana!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Collins 11 months

Age: 11 months
Stats: Still haven't gone to the doctor, but we will in 2 weeks when she officially turns 1...o.m.g. We did however weigh her the other day and it said she weighed 18lbs 3oz :)
Clothes: She made quite the jump lately, wearing 12-18 month clothing in most Carters, Target brand, and some Gap. Of course she still sports 6-12 month clothes as well and even some smaller size cardigans, and dresses as shirts!! Clever :)
Favorite Activity: Scooting! This child has found an easier way to get around the house that doesn't entail keeping her head down or missing anything. She scoots on her butt and uses one arm to push so she can move all around the floors. I don't know how many times I have heard, you should attach a Swiffer to her butt!
Favorite Words: Still Mom :) however we are pretty sure she is closer than ever to saying dada.
Least Favorite Activities: She's sometimes too busy for her bottles now. Pushes them away when we try and feed her. Now that she's mobile she doesn't have time for anything else other than chasing the dogs!
Mom's Favorite Moment: We started her in swimming class and not only did she go under for the first time without crying but she also kicks her little legs ninety miles a minute when she's on her belly.
Dad's Favorite Moment: All the scooting she does! You definitely cannot keep your eyes off of her she goes so fast.
Other Milestones: Ugh my baby will be a toddler. In two short weeks. Neither her nor I want to talk about it...
We have a busy month coming up. Collins 1st Easter, 1st Birthday, her party, and a girls trip out to Texas to visit friends! We are very excited for the upcoming events, but its leaving mom a little stressed out!
We also have the March for Dimes walk coming up on April 27th. Those of you who follow me on instagram or twitter already saw our page and some have already donated so a huge THANKYOU! This year we are walking for both Sloane and Knox and my good friend Susan and her family have dedicated their team to both of my babies. Collins Marty and I will be joining them this year in the walk, so we can't wait to honor both of them in such an amazing way. If you are interested in helping us get to our goal please visit the below website for our March of Dimes Page :)