Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Collins photo bomb

Well Hello! We are still here!! Life is crazy! I know a lot have been asking for a Collins update. Well just know she still looks nothing like me but if you can imagine a bossy, full of attitude almost 2 year old going on 16 then she acts just like me :)

Collins will be turning 2 in just one month! Ahhhhh where has my baby gone :( Hair is longer, attitude is fierce and she's still a little peanut. Loves Micky Mouse, and Mimmi (Minnie), Daisy, and Donald. Obsessed with Sophia the first, and Doc McStuffins. My little TV ass :) It has been quite the winter indoors so its been my savior on a lot of days. We are finally seeing a bit of sunshine these days and its PARK! PARK! PARK! 

So with out further ado my big girl.... Who let me also tell you is in a big girl bed and LOVING it!

On my Mom's rocking horse that she rode, as well as myself when I was a kid :)

Ash Wednesday together

Friday, March 27, 2015

March of Dimes 2015

 Written by my husband :) 

Family and Friends,

                As more and more people have come to know Ashley and I, our story continues to grow and we have been lucky enough to have a huge team of supporters. Once again, Team Mitchell has an opportunity to raise awareness for March of Dimes, a cause too close to home. As many of you know, Ashley and I have realized the devastating challenges of premature birth all too well. You see, Ashley and I have three children, but two of them you will never meet.

Our daughter Sloane Elise was born premature on May 22nd 2012 and passed away shortly after birth. With the help of many of you, we forged ahead through the toughest of times. In the midst of those difficult times, we found out we were pregnant once again and a small light began to shine through our darkness. Our happy, healthy daughter Collins Elise was born on April 29th 2013 and continues to shine the brightest of light throughout our home each day.  As we once again tried to grow our family, Ashley and I were thrilled when we found out a little boy was on the way. Little did we know our tough days were not behind us. The excitement of a new baby once again passed too soon as Knox Thomas was stillborn on January 12th 2014.

                For people involved with the March of Dimes, stories like ours are all too common. The March of Dimes works on helping moms have healthy full term pregnancies through scientific research and technological advances. Each year, Ashley’s close friend Susan Meier walks for Sloane and Knox in the DuPage County March of Dimes walk. This year she has set a goal of raising $1,100 in donations and to date, thanks to many of you, she has never missed her goal. Most of you have already given so very much to our family and I hope you know how much your donations mean to Susan, and our family. Please take a minute to read Susan’s donation page and if you can, donate in honor of Sloane and Knox who passed too soon.

You may never meet all of my children, but by donating to Susan’s March of Dimes walk, you may help someone else meet theirs.

Thank you,

The Mitchell Family