Thursday, March 13, 2014

Knox Thomas 2 months

Knox was born 2 months ago. It has been a very long 2 months. After the first month we let off a balloon for his 1 month birthday. As we did with Sloane, however I wanted to do something different, something special just for Knox. After a friend sent me an article that hit so close to home, literally taking me back to January 12th I took one of their ideas and made it our own. Scotland Bansley Riles' Story like I said took me back to that moment Knox was born. It was as if Marty or myself had written this sweet letter. You will see at the end that they sang to Scotty with their children. Each month, Marty, Collins, and I will sing to Knox on each one of his monthly birthdays. Something special for the five of us to do together :) 

Happy 2 months Knox Thomas. I hope your big sister Sloane is taking care of you up in heaven. Mommy, Daddy, and Collins miss you more than ever and each night before putting your sister to sleep we read a book (I'll Love you Forever) to you and your sisters. We love you! Xoxo  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Collins 10 month update

Age: 10 months
Stats: We wont be going to the doctor until her 1st birthday but I'm just guessing she's around 18 pounds or so
Clothes: I'm going to use this a way to vent about Carters. Someone tell me why my 10 month old who usually wears 6-12 month clothing barely fits into 18 month pajamas from Carters? Wait let me rephrase that, why is the arms on the 18 month pajamas super tight but the waist band is ginormous. Kids clothes SMH
Favorite Activities: She has mastered spinning around on the floor in order to get to what she wants. Dancing! The kid loves to dance. If you follow me on instagram user name:(aashley_mitchell) then you have seen her video. Put on some music and she's a dancing machine.
Favorite Words: Still MOM!!!!!!! :)
Least Favorite Activities: When mom tries getting the boogies out! I cannot stand a messy, booger filled nose kid, so at any chance I get I am picking that little nosey and Collins hates me for it.
Mom's Favorite Moment: Just two nights ago Collins was having a hard time going to bed for the night. So I went up just to rock her which we haven't done since she was teeny tiny. She usually squirms all over the place, except this time she snuggled up to me and fell asleep. I thought to myself, if you want to snuggle all night long ill sleep in this chair. Definitely melted my heart.
Dad's Favorite Moment: The first time I told Collins to clap and yelled, Yah!! And without hesitation she started clapping her hands. And hasn't stopped :)
Other Milestones: Not sure if this is considered a milestone but Collins got her first Ashes for Ash Wednesday :) She is also clapping non stop, dancing, spinning, talking, screaming, and slowly pulling herself up. I think this little girl is going to walk before she crawls!
Eat, Sleep, Play. Play. All. Day. That is what Collins' day consists of. Where has my baby gone?! Everyday she does something new and it just makes me realize how fast time goes. Babies don't keep.