Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August Cara Box Reveal

Last month I signed up for Cara Box exchange only really knowing a little bit about it, and I am so glad I did. Cara box is getting to know two different ladies for a month and at the end of the month you send a "care" package to one partner and the other partner sends you one after getting to know one another. Each month there has been a different theme and this months theme was "Seasons of Life." The box centered around where your partner was in their stage of life and what things they would love.

My amazing partners were Tiffany and Betsey

 Tiffany was who I would be sending a box to. Immediately we hit if off, and I enjoyed getting to know her and her little family :). She has the most adorable puppy named Avery, and a very supportive husband. Just reading through her blog and emailing back and forth with her you can tell how important her family is to her and just how loving and caring she is. Filling her box was SO easy! Knowing all that she loves I went a little crazy and made sure to fill it up not only for her but also for her husband and pup. If you'd like to see just what I put in her Cara box, go check out her blog.

Betsey immediately emailed me as soon as we found out who our partners were. She was adorable and immediately told me all about herself! She made it so easy to email her and just gush about Collins. I'm pretty sure that's what all my emails were about :). I felt like she immediately became an instant friend and knew just what I was all about. She did something that really stuck out to me that I have struggled with since the passing of Sloane, and that was actually mentioning and talking about Sloane, and what she sent me blew my mind and was so generous on top of much more.

Unfortunately this is how my box made its way to my front door step. Crushed. Not only crushed but crushed right over the large letters spelling FRAGILE.

Opening up my package I was like a little kid at Christmas. I was so excited. Opening each and every gift just got better and better.

Betsey hit not only my personality spot on but included my two girls, Marty, Lola and Lucy. She didn't leave anyone out! She included adorable little shoes for Collins and some DKNY onesies that I might add are already washed and ready to be worn ASAP.

She bought the dogs some chewable dental treats that they have already been spoiled with, and included an adorable Disney plaque that says, "The most important thing is family." Not to forget my husband, she also included some Margarita mix (and some tequila) that both of us will enjoy. However I will enjoy it in my large Margarita glass that she also made me :).

Betsey did a beautiful job including my entire family. Not only did she get me a key chain with both Sloane and Collins' initials on it she also made a donation to the March of Dimes in Sloane's name.

I wish these two girls lived in Chicago so we could meet up sometime, however if I am ever in the Philly or DC area these two better believe I will be stalking them to hang out :) I cant wait for the next Cara box and to meet two new lovely ladies. I do know I have made forever friends and look forward to stalking their instagrams and continuing to email!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our first time away

This past weekend I was in a wedding for my good friend Stacey. And with being in her wedding came being away from Collins for the first time, and for 24 hours at that. First things first. Congratulations to Gabe and Stacey Johnson! It was a beautiful wedding and I was honored to be a bridesmaid and Marty and I were fortunate to be able to help you celebrate such a special day in your lives. We had a blast. It has been a long time since we danced all night, and had a few to many drinks. Lots of laughs! 

Collins did go to the rehearsal dinner with us and was perfect. Saturday morning I woke up early to nurse her and have a good hour to love on her. By the time 7:45am came around I was balling like a Collins baby. I looked at Marty sobbing and said, I feel like someone is dying. Dramatic much? Don't get me wrong Collins was in great hands with her Nonna and Pop pop, however being away from my best friend for the first time was hard. I missed her the entire time, thought about her and showed many "snap chats" from Jenna to everyone at the wedding :) she was for sure extremely missed but Marty and I had an amazing adult night out! (It will however be a while before we have another 24 hour MIA from Collins) Pumping blows all day and I just rather have her with us. 

We have her 4 month appointment coming up Thursday so ill be sure to update plus I participated in something so amazing with other bloggers that I will be sharing soon! Until then...a little Collins for all of you! 


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Daddy Time!!!!

Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad. That special person, is me! Yes it's me, the taller one of the dynamic duo that Collins' calls mom and dad. I thought it was just my time to chime in and share just how much Collins has changed my life. For starters, I have discovered my true professional calling. I should, without question, be a host on Sprout TV. I know, most of you are thinking I don't have the experience to be in front of the camera. Nickelodeon would disagree... Legends of the Hidden Temple anyone? See link here --->  15 minutes of fame Handsome 11 yr. old on the Red Jaguars look familiar? I also know the words to the Birthday Song on the Chica Show and have learned Spanish and sign language by watching the Goodnight Show. Yes, I watch Sprout with my 3 month old, and have a blast doing it. I have mastered the art of swaddling, no longer put on her diaper inside out, and have been designated the official bath time supervisor of operations and lifeguard. It's not all fun and games here in the Mitchell home, Collins' does have her mini outbursts and it's in those moments I am reminded I have a long way to go in being a true superhero dad. Here's how the scenario plays itself out. I'm holding Collins, she starts to cry. I try pacifier, no sir I will not take that pacifier! Crying continues, I try to switch positions, maybe she wants to face outward or be up on my shoulder, get outta dodge you fool. Crying now at all time high. Ashley comes over, takes Collins and within 20 seconds, the kid is all smiles. She has certainly got that magic touch. It's also those moments that I realize just how great Ashley is as a mom. She cooks, she cleans, she shops and shops and shops, does laundry, and provides the safest, best environment for raising our sweet little girl.
When Ashley isn't stealing the show, Collins and I do our own little bonding. Which is really me making silly faces at her trying to get her to smile. See below for visual

Zoolander-Blue Steel

We also make valiant attempts to work on her computer skills.

"Well dad, looks like sales are down"

My favorite part of the day is the morning. She gives us the biggest smile you can imagine. It's as if  her sleep lasted 4 years and she's seeing us for the first time, she is that happy in the morning.
Collins and I play, we make faces, we have fun, and each day I get wrapped a little tighter around her finger. As she grows up little by little, I can't help but think about what our lives and our relationship will be like.
When she is 2 we will sing and dance together
When she is 4 I will be her superhero and ultimate fixer of bumps and bruises
When she is 8 my magic tricks will once again be cool to someone other than me
When she is 16 I will be the referee for her and Ashley!
When she is 24 I will teach her that success in love and in life looks a lot like hard work.
And for every age in between and beyond, I will protect her, provide for her, be her tea time companion, her keeper of secrets, biggest fan, and proud of everything she will ever do in her life.

Collins Dad and future SproutTV host,

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A child of God

That's right! Collins was baptized this weekend on Sunday and we couldn't have asked for a better day. The weather was perfect, all of our close friends and family attended, and we had a perfectly well behaved baby :) Collins did great. Never made a peep during mass (actually slept the whole time) and was an angel during the baptism. For those that attended thank you so much for helping us celebrate such an amazing moment in Collins' life. When we met with Father Dennis he made a comment that I will always remember, he said Collins is now a child of god and already has an angel in heaven, her sister. I was hoping in some way we could remember Sloane on Collins big day and Father Dennis did just that. I know Sloane was looking down on Sunday making sure her sister was being a good girl :)









My little girl is 3 months! Everyday she amazes Marty and I, with her facial expressions, coos, and just how darn good she is as a baby (I hope I didn't just stick my foot in my mouth). Knowing how bad of a baby I was I figured I would get pay back, however not the case. Collins is just so happy all of the time, eating, sleeping, playing, starring :)

Look how much she has changed!

We haven't been back to the doctor since her 2 month appointment however we tried weighing her on the scale the other day, and we are pretty sure she is close to 12 pounds! She definitely likes to eat and is getting bigger so I'll be anxious to see how big she is when we go back to the doctor in a couple weeks.

Parties are slowing down finally so we plan on some relaxation as a family. Because in just a few short weeks or so its going to be my favorite time of year...FALL! Reds, Oranges, Pumpkins, Hot coffee, Jeans, Sweaters, Leaves oh my!! I cannot wait especially with a little fashionista on my hands ill be able to get her into a whole bunch of amazing threads including this adorable Boo Dress her Nonna bought her. Boo Dress

Well I am off to attend to Collins who just conveniently woke up. Its SHARK week so I think ill introduce her to one of the best weeks of her life...