Sunday, August 17, 2014


The Mitchell's took a road trip. A good 12 hour road trip at that. We headed off to Atlanta Georgia for a long weekend to attend a Mitchell wedding. We left on a Wednesday night at 8pm right when Collins would be heading down for bed. I figured driving overnight would be our best bet with her, however it was a little difficult for Collins to get comfortable sleeping for that long period of time in her car seat, but she managed. She actually did so well, only woke up from 2am-4am to have a dance party and eat some snacks. Other than that she was taking turns watching Super Why on the ipad and dozing off. 

Marty's brother Mike was the one getting married, Collins' Godfather. The wedding made for a long weekend however Collins did great. Party animal stayed up until 1130pm on the second night dancing the night away. I was definitely tired chasing her around but for having to be on her best behavior two nights in a row, I'd say she didn't do too bad. Marty didn't do too bad either :) he made one hell of a speech and I know he made his brother proud :)

On the way back we decided to make a full day of the open road. So we left early in the morning and made stops for breakfast, lunch, dinner and downtown Nashville so we could pick up Collins a snow globe. (We have been collecting snow globes for her since she was born from any state we've gone to or anyone else for that matter that remembers Collins). 

Hey Knox!

At Monells for a Southern Tradition in Tennessee
I cry over spilled milk