Tuesday, December 31, 2013

20 Week Update

With all the busyness of the holidays can I cannot believe I am already 20 weeks. Over halfway there if we deliver at 37 weeks! Little guy is growing and growing and growing! It is so much fun to compare him to the girls and see who he might resemble. So far we are pretty much right on track as far as how Collins' pregnancy went. He is measuring a week ahead and so far so good as far as my cervix goes. The last time I was at Dr. Font's office, my cervix was measuring 4cms and was closed from the inside. The baby was just about 10oz so almost to a pound!

This picture is Sloane, Collins, and now all exactly a 20 weeks. I am of course my own worst critic but I am the biggest this pregnancy although I haven't gained as much as I did with both Sloane and Collins at this time. However with Sloane I was just freshly married and a lot thinner from after my wedding:) My boobs are also a bit bigger (thank you to all three babies :).
Sloane, Collins and baby boy all at 15weeks in 3D ultrasound
So far no bed rest which is great because it would be damn near impossible with taking care of Collins. However I have had to slow down. I do know when I have done too much and need to lay down and rest. My back will start to hurt and I get a little crampy. I have been experiencing some Braxton Hicks which I did with Collins. Those make me nervous and that's when I pick up my feet, chug water and relax. Thank god those haven't made a difference when it comes to my cervix, but Dr. Font did stress that the bigger this baby gets the harder this is all going to be. So I am trying not to be surprised once he tells me bed rest but I am ever so hopeful we can wait it out at least 10 more weeks. We are at the scary point in all my pregnancies when shit hit the fan with Sloane. I pray everyday god will get us to 24 weeks with no problems like he did with Collins. I don't speak a lot of my nerves but everyday is a struggle not to be worried. Ill feel a little better at 24 weeks and ill be able to breath a little at 30 weeks. Of course not until this little guy is in my arms healthy will I finally not have a care in the world. When it comes to pregnancy that is because as women we all know, MOTHERS NEVER STOP WORRYING! For the past few New Year's its been sober sally for me and tonight is no different. We are going to be going out to dinner with the Fair's tonight as a family to Cooper's Hawk (with all the other geriatrics who eat dinner at 5pm) haha Collins has her glitter tights on and is ready to hit the town! At least until 7pm and then she will probably turn into a little beast. But fingers crossed she will be a big girl in her high chair at the restaurant and live it up a little for the rest of 2013. My next big appointment is with Dr. Font on Monday the 6th for an eco and survey ultrasound. This will check the baby's brain, stomach, lungs, heart, legs, arms everything to make sure everything is perfect, and is going perfectly. Please pray for us that the next 4 weeks go by fast and safe. Little miss Sloane is of course looking down on her brother helping us each step of the way so I have faith in her and the big man upstairs that they will take care of us :)
Happy New Year! 2014 you have some big shoes to fill!!

Holy Hiatus

Oh hey, remember us?! I definitely let time pass me by these past 4 weeks without blogging, however apart of me questioned who really reads this still anyway. However for those of you that do here I am!! So I will cram in everything into one short long post to catch you all up.

After finding out about baby Mitchell #3 being a boy the holidays were right around the corner. We started off with Collins' first Thanksgiving.
We spent the day over at my parent's house stuffing our faces with food and going through black Friday ads, our favorite. After Thanksgiving it was time for Collins, Mommy, and Daddy to do some holiday shopping for the next few weeks. And of course turn our house into a winter wonderland for Collins' first Christmas. We of course made sure to take Collins to meet Santa and like a pro we got this...

From there we had lots of Holiday Parties, get togethers, and a lot of family time since Marty is lucky and gets time off to spend with us! Since I last blogged Collins had turned 7 months and then 8 months! My little girl is not so little anymore (except in weight) she has her own personality and is the queen bee around here!

Age: 7 & 8 months
Stats: 14lbs 8oz (6th percentile), 26 inches (28th percentile)
Clothes: I finally put away all 0-3 clothes and she is starting to wear 6 month clothing and some 9 month pajamas :)
Favorite Activities: I say this and cringe at the same time, Collins LOVES the little time she gets to watch TV. I won't lie either, she watches more than she should so that mommy can rest like she should. She has a crush on Wyatt from Super Why, loves Sid the Science Kid and unfortunately adores Caillou. Since Christmas with all that everyone spoiled her with, she has been playing drums, talking on her phones, (yes plural) and rolling around in her pink car.
Favorite Words: I have been trying since 4 months to get her to say momma, no bueno, YET! But my girly girl still screams her heart out!
Least Favorite Activities: When it comes time for nap time or bed time, Collins is a schedule baby. 10am, 2pm and 7pm lights out. And to make matters worse, if you are playing with her and she just thinks you are the bees knees right when that time comes around you are nothing to her anymore and all she wants is her mommy. (I love every second of that)
Mom's Favorite Moment: Anytime she looks for me, needs me, cries for me, kisses me. (which Marty says is all the time) She is a mommy's girl but I bet once her little brother comes around Daddy is going to be super cool again :)
Shopping with Mommy in below degree weather
Dad's Favorite Moment: We started to have her feed herself and we have been giving her yogurt melts and little cereal puffs. I was so excited the first time she was able to pick on of them up herself and put it in her mouth like a big girl.
Other Milestones: Collins can sit up all on her own for as long as she wants, she can also stand while holding on to the ottoman. If that wasn't enough, my sassy little girl is starting to scoot around as well.

Better late than never right!? Collins had a wonderful first Christmas and was SPOILED by everyone! But I am ok with it because it was not only her first but last Christmas that it was only her, so she deserves it. With not being on bed rest just yet, we were able to spend a lot of time with family during the holiday.

From Our Family to yours, We hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!
Love The Mitchells
Marty, Ashley, Sloane, and Collins