Tuesday, May 27, 2014

1 year update & Texas Trip!

Age: 1 year old
Stats: 18lbs 5 oz (11th percentile) 29 1/2 inches (65th percentile)
Clothes: I have her in a lot of 12-18 month clothing especially since she got so many adorable new outfits from her birthday! She can still fit into 6-12 month clothing especially with shorts, she has a tiny waist :)
Favorite Activity: Sitting poolside! Take the girl out of her pool and she cries! Which is fine by me. Finally its nice outside and Collins wants nothing more than to be outside, in her pool, on walks, or taking wagon rides! She also loves brushing her little teefers!
Favorite Words: Momma still :) however she did say apple a good dozen times. Nonna taught her that one!
Least Favorite Activities: Walking! Collins hates when we try to make her walk or even stand up for that matter. She's a lazy ass. I cant put it any other way. But that's ok she will walk when she wants and we are ok with her independent attitude!
Mom's Favorite Moment: When I was taking a shower one morning she came over to our glass shower door and wouldn't leave until I came out all the while pressing her little face against the glass making faces at me :)
Dad's Favorite Moment: Graduating swim class! My little girl is going to be an Olympic swimmer if I have any say.
Other Milestones: Eating everything in sight! Whatever we eat now she eats and then some. I cannot keep enough food around for this little girl has appetite! Just like her father :)
Collins and I also had a girls trip this past month! We went to visit my good friend Becca and her family (she does all my birthday cards, holiday cards and designs this blog!) She has two of the most adorable kids, Jax & Jory who loved playing with Collins. It was like I had two little babysitters with me at all times :) We had a blast and seriously wish we were still there. Becca, Trav, and the kids were the best hosts too taking us all over Austin for Mexican food :) ha, picnics, the aquarium, shopping (our fav) and just spending some quality time all together! It was nice to just relax every day and enjoy the company. I know Collins was in heaven with the kids everyday. She usually gets cranky around 7pm for bedtime however in Texas she wasn't in bed sometimes until 10pm and was ok with it! Becca and I even got out one night to go see a late movie together! Collins was once again a pro on the plane there and back. Playing, eating, sleeping, eating, playing!
So, where to next!?



Collins' 1st Fiesta!

My sweet baby is 1 year old! I could sit here and cry writing about Collins and this past year, however instead ill tell you all about her amazing FIESTA we had! Amazing is an understatement. It couldn't have gone any better, and Collins had a ball! Just about everyone we invited came and I believe know had a good time too :)

My nacho bar went off without a hitch and within the first couple hours was just about gone! (I'll blame the taco truck for being an hour late on that). However we didn't let that spoil the party. I had fresh guacamole, salsa, jalapeños, sour cream, black olives, refried beans, ground beef, nacho cheese, lettuce, and shredded cheese on top of the nacho bar table. Along with a Margarita bar, a variety of Mexican beers, and of course some "Collins' 1st Fiesta" water bottles :).

At the last minute I decided that a bounce castle was necessary for the 30 kids that would be attending the party, and thank god we did because without it, we would have had a bunch of kids bored out of their minds. We also had a piñata for them full of goodies!

To say Collins did the best thing she could ever do when we gave her the smash cake would be an understatement. Without using her hands she literally went face first and continued this for about 15 minutes eating the cake. Give the girl sugar for the first time and she's a pro!

We had an amazing time with all our close family and friends. I want to thank each and every one of you who made the long trip from Florida or just came from down the street. I couldn't ask for better friends or family to be in Collins' life!