Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Collins' Kentucky Derby Extravaganza (2 months late)

I cannot believe I have a two year old. The night before her actually birthday Marty and I blew up two dozen balloons and once we knew she was sound asleep we snuck them in her room on the floor along with a huge Minnie balloon. I thought when she wakes up it would blow her mind to have all these bawoons in her room :)  Wednesday morning came and the look on her face as she whispered, "WOW" was totally worth the start of her celebration. That morning we met Collins' friend Grayson for breakfast where the two of them had a ball at 8:30 in the morning screaming and disrupting all the other breakfast goers. Lol. We had gymnastics still then came home where Marty made it back from a work trip just in time for us to give her our gift, a Mercedes Benz power wheels because that's pretty standard at 2 years old. That night we went to All Aboard in Downers Grove which is a train themed restaurant for kids. It was actually really fun. Collins had a blast and we took Nonna and Poppa with us so she was thrilled because they let her do anything :) plus they had deep fried pickles so I was good too.

The Saturday following her birthday we put together a Kentucky Derby themed party. I clearly wasn't thinking because I decided to cook all the food for 40 adults, and 20 kids while being 7 months pregnant. We had a full menu consisting of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, Kentucky hot brown sandwiches, bluegrass salad, fruit salad, Kentucky bourbon sweet potatoes, Kentucky bourbon bacon chex mix, cocktail shrimp, bourbon meatballs, mint julips and a Bloody Mary station! It was perfect and even though I felt like death after getting into my bed after being on my feet all day I wouldn't have changed a thing. Collins had the best time with all her friends and of course the bounce house :) Thank you to everyone who made it to the party! She is spoiled rotten but she deserves it...right :)


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